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Beyond their functional value, tables have a deeply profound symbolic and social significance. Our daily human rituals, our gatherings, and our worldly endeavors orbit around this powerful cultural object, a symbol of both our basic nurturing needs and our intellectual and spiritual searches. A place of communion, an anchor for contemplation, a shrine.

When given aesthetic relevance, it can also become a piece of art. A contemplative object meant to tell a story.

Our stories come from the hands and mindscapes of a sculptor and a creative director. A combination of aesthetic explorations and raw handwork, our tables are crafted with the utmost respect and care for the materials used as well as for the alchemy of the creative process, using only traditional tools such as the bard, the chisel, the row, and the hammer. Every piece is thus, unique and transformed from a functional object into a central object of contemplation and poetical aesthetic experience.

Our spring 2020 series is inspired by the powerful mythical force of folk tales, where tradition, wisdom, and fantasy come together to tell the story of our deepest human nature and our endless pursuit of the supernatural and magical in our everyday life.

The pieces combine the noble, rich texture of oak, walnut, and cherry wood with sculptural, fluid shapes in the lower part, which no longer serves as mere support, but as a true pedestal finished with precious materials like gold, silver and copper coil. The wood is finished with sticks, wax and epoxy resin from organic materials, with a resistance of over 100 years.

The collection is in the truest sense, an ode to our cultural roots as well as an ascent into the whimsical world of fantasy.